Testing/Development Project Manager, Team Lead, Trainer for Software Quality Assurance 
Database Design and Server Administration 

edjenn@edwardjenny.com | http://www.edwardjenny.com | https://www.linkedin.com/in/edward-jenny-b617b64

Motivated and experienced project manager, team lead, trainer, and mentor, who is also effective as an individual contributor and team player. Self starter, requiring minimal ramp-up time. Communicates effectively with all stakeholders to achieve Software Development Life Cycle goals for on-time project delivery.


· Completed 'Web and Mobile Design Specialty certificate' as Spring quarter at Lake Washington Technical College. This course includes, HTML5/CSS3, CMS management, Dreamweaver/Adobe Creative Suite, Wordpress, and minor in PHP and Javascript/JQuery. I have been taking additional online instructions for Javascript/JQuery and will be attending full classes in fall at Lake Washington Technical College. The goal was to enhance and update my existing work skills for dev and QA in current ecommerce web marketplace.

· Provided Admin and various role scenarios for e-commerce management tools (Demandware) to Test end to end Cart and Payment (standard and custom) functionality.

o   Create product category and catalog variables to test descriptions, pricing, coupons, gift cards, in stock, out of stock and many other scenarios to validate client option functionality.

o   Processed builds and data updates to Dev & Qa environments.

o   Managed large volume repeatable test case documents and repositories within Bugzilla and Jira.

· Managed and led teams:

o Used Agile/Scrum

o Led teams numbering from two to twenty

o Worked with teams in multiple locations in US, Europe, Australia, and Asia

o Performed scoping and resource allocation for test and development projects

o Achieved solid interaction with management, business, project management, development, marketing, 
and test teams

o Performed End To End proactive accountability and reporting

o Contributed to design and usability

· Exercised project management and business analyst functions:

o Independently managed small and medium-sized projects, assisted on larger, more complex projects

o Identified and managed resource requirements to meet schedules and objectives

o Accountable for assessment and management of project scope, time, quality, and budget to meet objectives 
and deliverables

o Created and communicated detailed project plans with external vendors

o Coordinated implementation processes including progress tracking, reporting and documentation

o Actively led risk mitigation and management

o Lead problem resolution in a timely manner

o Demonstrated proficiency and knowledge with industry/company-specific project management methodologies and technologies

o Facilitated critical trade-off decisions between investment, schedule, and customer benefit

· Designed, created, and managed:

o Created test case database trees, test plans and post-mortem documentation in multiple formats

o Managed databases and file shares for use with internal and client facing SharePoint portals and reporting websites

o Designed and managed reporting and matrix strategies for numerous product groups

o Reviewed, tested, created BRDs and UAT cases and scenarios

· Created and implemented new procedure guidelines:

o Review existing documentation

o Proposed new implementations of methodology to stake-holders

o Helped prep teams follow and respect new and existing schemas

· Authored, designed, and taught test script automation:

o C++ and command line for existing harnesses

o Coded animation and simple web metrics page controls

o Games, application, CE, and web testing methodologies

· Deployed Windows System Architecture, Hosting, and Test Labs:

o Created and tested full web, mail, and data farms

o Reviewed and tested prescriptive and technical documentation

o Set up, tested, and edited documentation for complete full lab build-outs

o Configuration management

o Designed and created UI and content tree for Microsoft-certified Partner CDs

o Participated in lab setups for server, storage, client, firewalls, switches, VLAN tiers, SAN, Raid

o Verification and creation of Visio representation for entire forests in standard labs

o Created and designed Excel full configuration spreadsheets for each build out

· Conducted instructor-led training for:

o Manual and automated application and device testing

o Manual and automated X-Box game testing

o Manual and computerized graphic arts

· Tested Wireless Components:

o Worked with dev/test/flashing tools for CE/WinPhone versions1-7 for all major OEM device manufacturers

o Created full test suites, databases, and documentation to validate business requirements and provide metric reports

o Led teams to fully exercise applications, productivity tools, and games (native and 3rd party), OS, and hardware

o Managed and created bug/defect databases, participated in triages and fixed regression passes

o Created and ran BVT’s, stress, load, Smoke/Sanity manual and automated tests

o Built OSs (retail and debug), for daily/weekly lab testing including all production localized versions

o Participated in dedicated testing for multiple service providers and OEMs(all NDA)

o Participated in hardware validation for Sync and connectivity scenarios for GSM, CDMA, Global, Bluetooth, Roaming, OTA, field and Faraday

o Worked with teams in multiple locations, including US, Europe, Asia, and India


Software Applications/Tools

Wireless Tools
 Active Sync, Auto, PPC/SP/Emulation, OEM centric flash kits, breadboard, pre and post production devices, SIM cards and toolkits, Microsoft and OEM proprietary UI and applications automation harnesses, authentication, security, OTA-Web updates and e-commerce

General Industry Tools 
Demandware eCommerce(admin), Jira/Confluence, Spira, Drupal, Zephyr, Assembla. Rational Tool Suite, Eclipse, CARE and Telegence UIs, CRT, AquaData, Jira, Bugzilla, Testopia, Desklilla, Bamboo, IETester/Inspector, Mozilla/IE/Chrome webtools, BrowserStack, Nagios, Drupal, Lotus Notes, VMWare Fusion, Apache, Windows Virtual PC, VirtualBox, NetBeans, SilkPerformer, SoapUI/WSDL, Telesales, OracleApps, iStore, XCode 4.5, Omniture Analytics Toad(SQL query tool), Putty, ACT, Webrunner, Codewright, Source Dynamics, Mercury tools, Norton Desktop & Utilities, Open Office 3.1, Altova Map Force(UML), Toad(SQL), Kaspersky, WireShark, Amaya, Keynote, VMWare, Spring, Unisys and EMC tools

Microsoft-Centric Tools 
All Microsoft Internal Test/Dev tools, SharePoint, Publisher, FrontPage, Expression, Profit, Publisher, Project, Foxpro, Visio, SQL/Querie Tools, ODBC, Money, Visual Studio.Net, Visual Test 1-4, All Office Pro Apps. (93-09), OcraCoke, Netmon, ProcMon, App Center, Debug for Windows, DX Studio, MS Works, MOM, SCOM

Multimedia Development/Authoring Tools
SharePoint, PowerPoint, Visio, MS Internal Authoring tools, Midi Soft, Cakewalk 9, M-Audio Live/Pro-tools, Sony Acid Pro, True Space 3D, Macromedia, Photoshop, MultiMedia Toolbook, TypeStyler, Mac X series software, BPS Audio Converter

Testing Tools
Selenium, WTT, Test Director, Bugzilla, Product Studio, MSTest, debugging, compare, net tools, Faraday cage, signal generators, emulators

Web Tools
BrowserStack, IE, Google, and Firefox Development, emulation, and debug tools, PayPal, Klarna, ObservePoint for Analytics, All major social media site integrations, Github, Jenkins, VYPRVPN, ML, SQL, HTML, Java, ASP, SOAP, .NET, Web Services and COM, Visual Studio, SharePoint, Rational, IIS/Web, SQL, WTT-ASI Global, Finance Tools, server management (10 years’ experience)

Android, Apple, Mobile devices, Windows-based OEM servers/clients/VM forests for EMC/Unisys and other partner solutions. Audio, Video, TV tuners, drive arrays, Mac

Used in test environments for scripting and debugging: C++,C#, VB, Java, XML, HTML, SQL, Unix command line

SQL Database Design and Server Administration, Oracle, Oracle using Toad, SQL, MySQL, Access, Excel

Operating Systems 
WINNT35-2K*-XP, Vista, Win7, WIN 3-95-98, Win Servers 3.5 - 2008, SQL, IIS, SharePoint, OS2/Warp, Mac – 7-10, Red Hat, Unisys, Mac-all, Win-all, OS2, Linux




Testing Methodologies 
Windows and Unix command-line scripting, Regression, functional, UAT, API, stress, load, performance, white box, black box, gray box, positive, negative, boundary, localization, debugging for SBCS, DBCS, and BiDi configurations

Web-Based Application Methodologies 
UI, Data (Client/Storage), Automation, IIS/Web/Storage/VM server management; scripting for SQL/WebServices, verification 
of feature/UI updates and backend migration displays and content integration for end user experience, including 
several e-commerce disciplines

Network/Server Methodologies 
Full server forest deployment,  prescriptive hosting with maintenance and configuration management: Wireless, switches, lan, wan, fiber, fail-over, mirrored, tape, SAN, VLANs, Firewalls, FOIP, VOIP, OTA, IVR, PBX, IIS-Web, Exchange, SQL, ASI-WTT, GSM/CDMA,  remote control, global/local servers, test and production environments


Software Testing/Development Experience


LiveAreaLabs/LiveArea-PFSWeb, Seattle, WA, June 2013-Sept. 2016 Senior Quality Analyst

· Senior Test Engineer/Analyst
Project: Lead QA using Drupal and Demandware platforms to implement a large number of global client sites.

· Project: Setting up QA methodologies and training internal and external testers and UAT personel to utilize best practices for planned testing coverage. Demandware and Drupal environments. Jira/Confluence, Spira, Drupal, Zephyr, Assembla.

· Sites: Movado, Fender, ED, London Drugs, DVF, See's, Adidas, Ariat, Brooks, Chicco, Black Diamond, Nambe', and Safariland

· Created thousands of test cases, Test plans, Training documentation for Cart and Payment functionality gathered collateral for global postal codes, payment and tax methods supported by native or custom scenarios.

· Worked directly with clients and team members, Dev, BA, PM, Design and UX, to define scope of QA participation on each project.

· Also joined PFSWeb US QA team in working on QA compliance protocols and implementation of practices for disciplines including End to End, Last Mile, and other proprietary tools to be performed on sites managed internally for full service fullfilment clients.



Ramp Technology Group, Bellevue, WA, Jan 2011-June 2013 Test Manager

· Senior Test Engineer Consultant onsite at World Vision for Live Area Labs
Project: Architecting New QA Dept. for proprietary client, have also been periodic acting BA, release gatekeeper, and content editor. Current tools: JIra, Wiki, Drupal, Bugzilla/Testopia, New Relic, Foglight, Nagios, Omniture, Silk, SoapUI, multiple browser dev, test, and debug apps.



Microsoft Corp., Redmond, WA, October 2007-August 2010

· Test SDET (Comsys)
Project: Windows Mobile, 6.5 and WinPhone 7

o Wireless RF and Bluetooth testing

o Device and Tool Librarian, Share-point contributor

o Manual and WTT Automation test runner for BVTs, Smoke, and bug regressions

o Integration and stress testing

o E-commerce for device testing

o Created test  plans, cases, and databases for test metrics and reports

o Debugging C#, XML, SQL, JavaScript, SOAP/.Net

· Test SDET (Comsys)
Project: eHome Guide/TV Settings/ First Run – Vista Clean and Upgrade scenarios to Win7

o Manual and WTT Automation test runner for BVTs, Smoke, and bug regressions 

o Wireless and Bluetooth testing

o Created test  plans, cases, and databases for test metrics and reports

o SQL query tools, e-commerce, network, API, white, black, and grey box testing

o Debugging C#, XML, SQL, JavaScript

· SDET Test Lead (Comsys)
Project: GFS/TAS WTT/ASI On-Boarding Team

o WTT, ASI, IIS, file share, and Global server and SharePoint admin

o Automation and stress test author and runner

o Created test  plans, cases, and databases for test metrics and reports

o SQL query tools, SOAP/.Net, network, API, white, black, and grey box testing


Cingular/ATT Wireless, Bothell, WA, April 2006-October 2007

· Test Manager/Project Manager (Comsys CSG)
Project: IT-IST/IVR QC 

o SDLC and Agile management of multiple Business Requirement Test to Production sprints

o Managed and participated in daily multiple time zone meetings and triages

o Wireless and Bluetooth testing

o Created test  plans, cases, and databases for test metrics and reports

o Simultaneously managed test and reporting documentation for several small teams

o Participated in pre- and post-production deployments

o Reviewed, tested, created BRDs, Test Plans, UAT cases and scenarios

o SQL query tools, CARE and Telegence UIs, CRT, AquaData, Toad, SOAP/.Net


Microsoft Corp., Redmond, WA, July 2004-April 2006 

· SDET Lead CSG (Excel) 
Project: Finance Tools group

o FinWeb internal application solution testing  

o Created test  plans, cases, and databases for test metrics and reports

o Managed setup and congifurations for  IIS, SQL, SharePoint, and pre-production Test servers

o Test, review, edit, and debug SQL, Java, XML, SOAP/.Net, Web Services, and Com Object code

o SQL query tools, e-commerce, API, white and grey box testing

· SDET CSG (Excel) 
Project: Exchange OWA group

o Create test plans and cases for multiple platforms and OS browsers running OWA 12 

o Wireless testing

o API, white and grey box testing

· SDET/Test Lead/PM (Lionbridge) 
Project: CMSU Hosting group

o Tested full VM and physical forests for Exchange/Web/SQL Hosting

o Managed setup and configurations of Exchange/Web/SQL Hosting 

o SQL query tools, e-commerce, API, white and grey box testing

o Created test  plans, cases, and databases for test metrics and reports  

o Wireless and LAN/WAN testing

o Managed large team with multiple simultaneous releases

o Daily triage and PM meetings

· SDET/Lead CSG (Excel) 
Project: CIT/LMS group

o Created complete SQL, Web UI and controls test documentation and suites for Voyager migration

o Created test  plans, cases, and databases for test metrics and reports  

o Onsite and offsite server management

o SQL query tools, e-commerce, SOAP/.Net, API, white, black, and grey box testing

o Led team of developers and SDET testers

o Trained full-time employee assuming lead role after MS group reorganization 


iCEBox LLC/Salton, Seattle, WA, August 2003-July 2004

· QA Developer in Test/PM FTE 
Project: Full media products, smart home devices, hardware, software design and testing

o Tested Wireless and RF

o Created test suites to exercise hardware, software, and web applications

o Designed audio schemas for all devices

o Toad, SOAP/.Net, SQL query tools, e-commerce, API, white, black, and grey box testing

o Utilized Unix command line

o Ran and designed complete hardware test suites for wireless, lan, TV, DVD, Radio, and appliance controls as well as full evaluations for all appliance and device iterations working with global teams and off-shore manufacturing

o Reviewed, tested, created BRDs, Test Plans, UAT and standard cases and scenarios

o Managed onsite and offsite server and configurations for Oracle, SQL, Web, build, and SharePoint.


Microsoft Corp., Redmond, WA, October 2001-August 2003

· STE (Volt)
Project: Windows CE Test Team

o Tested OTA, email, games, CEPC, BVT, lab work, web, SQL, automation

o Created test  plans, cases, and databases for test metrics and reports  

· SDET (Volt)
Project: Windows Media Center (eHome) Test Team

o General component and build verification testing

o Created test  plans, cases, and databases for test metrics and reports

· SDET Lead  (Volt)
Project: Microsoft System Architectural (MSA) Test Team - Prescriptive documentation

o Created SDK UI and content, lab Visio Documentation, SQL test lead 

o Web/SQL metrics tracking and reporting db/web ui

o SQL query tools, e-commerce, network, API, white, black, and grey box testing

o Full lab build outs on-site for EDC, HDC, IDC, and DDC

o Created test  plans, cases, and databases for test metrics and reports


VMC-Consulting FTE, Redmond, WA, April 2000-September 2001

Test and Project Manager
Project: Managed test and development projects outsourced from Microsoft and other high-tech companies for Gaming, .Net, SQL, Mail, CE, e-commerce, sales, metrics, and time keeping Websites and databases, web services and other configuration management exercises

Additional information on achievements, applications and tools, methodology, work experience, and references available on request.



· C++ Web and Mobile Design Specialty certificate

· C++ Ox: Construx Certification

· C++ Certification (Work Experience to Intermediate Level)

· C# Certification (Work Experience to Intermediate Level)

· Sound Engineering and Recording Studio Production 3 RIAA Certifications
Experience in recording facilities, and live sound reinforcement in small and large venues

· Video Camera and Production Tools Operations 2 Certifications
Experience in TV studio and remote sites, with Hitachi 80 and Sony cameras and mixing and production consoles

· General College: 3.5 years equivalency – tested out at SIU

 Edited 9.26.2016